17 March 2011

It's Never About the Rugs

Do you ever feel like someone is picking a fight with you just so they have an excuse not to spend time with you?

This came up awhile ago and at the time I was arguing with someone about rugs. She said, "It's never about the rugs. If the topic of the argument is petty, there's sure to be more to it than rugs". Wise words. And while it's not always about needing space... it is always passive-aggressive... and it does always drive me crazy.

I wish it were about the rugs or they'd just say what's on their mind cuz I am not a mind reader.

16 March 2011

Oh David Luiz!

One of Chelsea's January signings was David Luiz from Benfica. He has quickly made an impression on many fans, in part due to his aggressive play and in part due to his amazing hair.

There have been a few Chelsea chants that I've liked over the past few years I've been following the team but this one for David Luiz is by far my fave!

Oh David Luiz, you are the love of my life!
Oh David Luiz, you can shag by wife!
Oh David Luiz, I want curly hair, too!

It just makes me happy and I cannot help but smile when I hear it :o)

28 February 2011

Why Can't I Get Over It

I have lived my entire life trying to live up to the expectations of my parents and every time I'm around them I'm reminded of all the ways I let them down. Why am I never good enough for them? Is it a reflection of how they view their parenting skills? Because I am not a failure in life. I am happy when I'm not around them but I cannot shut them out of my life. Sure, I've had stumbles in my life but instead of just helping because they love me, it is repeatedly thrown back in my face.

In my Mom's most recent visit, she started making shit up when talking about me to my friends. To listen to her I was a whore and delinquint when in reality I have never used drugs or broke the law and I graduated high school with honors and a scholarship for college. How does she not remember that?!?

This is me letting it go. It's written and I don't need to think about it until my next visit with them.

16 February 2011

Life is taking over!

As much as I fully intend to update my blog on a regular basis, it often falls by the wayside. I may have too many methods of capturing my thoughts. When I started this blog, I intended it to be a replacement for my hand-written journal. However, I can't take my computer with me everywhere I go and I can take a journal. So, in the end, I still use that more.

I've been a little crafty but more gamer lately. Here's a layout I did for Scrapping the Music #166 (take two?). The song is Wide Open Spaces. Head over to their blog to play along to this song until 02-27.

Gwen was the typical 10-year-old-bundle-of-energy last summer and A was her perfect partner. He was always there for her, ready to be as goofy as she, and sometimes more! He's a great uncle and she flourishes in his unerring support.

02 February 2011

STM #166 New Shoes

Loved making this layout for Scrapping the Music #165 New Shoes by Paulo Nutini. I got to play with paper in the way I love and I'm entirely delighted with the results.

I knew I wanted to play off of the amazing water in the photo and it was just a matter of figuring out what to do. I tore strips of cardstock and sprayed both sides in my spray box. The great thing about my spray box is that after a couple years of using it, anything wet that goes in picks up a mix of old inks. The result is slight variations of color (I use blues and greens most often so that is usually what is lifted form the box).

I cut a sun out of some Studio Calico paper but wasn't happy with the size... I wanted the sun to be substantial! So cut off the rays and added them to a Pink Paislee journal spot. I'm pretty happy with my sun :o)

Head on over to play along with this round :o)

31 January 2011

Pages from Marit's Class

I took the Let it Loose art journal workshop over at Marit's Paper World last year and never got around to sharing my pages. It was a fun community and her instruction was great! We got PDFs of each lesson and most times at least one supplemental PDF to help us along.

I love the softness of this one... spritzing onto very wet paper makes me happy... makes me feel cozy.

The writing on this was a middle-of-the-night rambling. I am not terribly fond of the deep texture I added but was pleased to learn that heating gesso makes it bubble... I'm very impatient :o)

I love my shrooms... even if I was trying to make trees when I started, lol! My son walked in while I was decorating and said, "Cool shrooms". And since he said it that's all I see :o)

This one was inspired by a post on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog. She posted about how people can really only have about 5 priorities in life. That inspired me to journal mine.

This page is about the sounds I used to hear out of my bedroom window each morning. I was very unhappy with how this started but eventually toned the pink circle down enough that I could live with it. It was an experiment and I'm glad I did it!

This was a summary of Marit's class. She really opened my eyes to being able to play with what's around me and not worry so much about how pretty I or others may think a journal page is. It's my journal and I'll play how I like in it!

I was slightly delusional while making this page :o) I have been struggling to sleep well for about 6 months. Every 6 weeks or so I get a great night in but I'm otherwise struggling with myself to stay asleep. This was a small piece of venting and while not super creative, it was something I felt was important to capture.

LOVED making this page. I painted the top with acrylics and scratched the top image of the tree into the paper. It took FOREVER but I really love how it looks and the texture is amazing. I had done this to photos before, without the added layer of paint and it was so much harder with that extra, thin layer of paint. But once started, I had to finish :o) I'm glad I did.

Thanks for stopping by :o)

STM #165

I've been slacking at posting on my blog. Not that that is anything new! I have great intentions and then live keeps on moving on and I go days without even touching my computer. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I sit in front of a computer all day at work. Or, when I do sit down at my home computer, playing games is more fun than trying to get out what's in. I tend to journal right before bed... it seems to be the time my mind is most relaxed.

Anyway, I'm here now so here is a layout I made for Scrapping the Music #165 Stand by Me. I immediately thought of Gray's family and how they're wonderfully welcoming, helpful and all around so fun to be a part of.

#166 will be revealed tomorrow so stop by the Scrapping the Music blog to check it out and play along.